Peglers Ltd are a UK based online mail order company serving the Clock, Watch and Jewellery trades.

We take great pride in sourcing quality products at the best possible value, and our main aim is to provide a faultless service for every one of our customers.

We are expanding our range constantly, aspiring to be a complete solution for every aspect of the Clock, Watch and Jewellery trades.


The Pegler family has been involved in horology for nearly 100 years:

Gilbert Pegler (1900 – 1961)

Was a clockmaker working from his workshop in North London N19, servicing the area’s clocks, watches and turret clocks.


 Martin Pegler (1938 – 1996)

Gilbert’s son was a respected clockmaker, an expert in clocks of the golden age he worked on many of the most important clocks for museums, auctioneers and private collections around the world.


Tom Pegler (1984 - )

Clocks were very much a part of life while growing up and I spent a lot of time with a keen interest watching my dad in his workshop. But having lost him at a young age, I didn’t get involved in horology myself until a bit later when I took it up as a hobby.

It was during this time that I started sourcing and selling parts in order to help fund the costs associated with buying and restoring clocks. I quickly found that this was growing in to something much bigger and decided to set up Peglers Ltd, which has steadily continued to grow ever since.

I have a passion for clocks and watches and spend much of my free time researching and learning about their history and development. I am a member of UK based horological clubs and societies, and I attend numerous events and lectures whenever i can.